What This Podcast Purports to Be

A narrative history of my Dublin family which combines anecdote, genealogy, broader history and informed speculation to give a unique view of a modestly circumstanced Irish family stretching back over 200 years.

Robert and Edith Nutty
My Great Grandparents: Robert Nutty (1865 - 1941)
 and Edith Maggie Hawkins (1873 - 1954)

Podcasting Schdule and Content Type

This section details what I hope to accomplish in terms of podcast generation and the associated timing. I plan to generate a minimum of 3 pieces every quarter. I'd like to do more, but this is a recreational gig, so your patience and support is greatly appreciated

  1. Family History Episodes: These are research intense episodes as I have to do both genealogical and background history research. I’ll try to keep to production on these under 6 weeks

  2. Meta Episodes: These episodes focus on the creation of the podcast itself and the underlying metrics and managment of that effort.  Content generation in this spece, gives me the opportunity to turn a magnifying glass on my own podcasting efforts as I try to come to terms with the best approach to building an audience. I expect to able to crank these pieces out in a couple of weeks

  3. Memoir Episodes: These episodes recount experiences from my earlier life — think last millennium. While I still think I’m a kid, the view in the morning mirror tells me otherwise and the stuff that I remember from that period, I’m now sad to admit verges on real history for some listeners!! I’ve decided to add these memoir based episodes as a result of listeners’ feedback, who communicated how much they enjoy when I talk about my own memories. Since this is mostly recollection based, there is less research involved except when I have a senior moment and need to verify the accuracy of my recall with others. I believe I’ll be able to produce these pieces every 4 weeks