Jan. 16, 2021

A Welcome Benefit

A Welcome Benefit

Along with Dad's new job at The Agricultural Institute at Kinsealy came what I can only presume to be a fortuitous perk. A home to reside in next to the Institute. This bungalow would be where I would spend the first three years of my life.

The Bungalow at Kinsealy

While there's no question that on the financial side this arrangement was indeed optimum it did have its drawbacks. The home came rigged with an alarm system which was triggered when the Institute boilers shut down unexpectedly. These boilers fed heat to greenhouses which housed plants that could not be exposed to cold overnight and periodically Dad would be roused from his sleep when the troublesome heating system failed. Personally I don't remeber the alarms. But my brother and sister do.

Family Portrait Circa 1965

As the time spent in this place marks the first three years of my life its no suprise that any recollections I have of the place are spotty and episodic. My sister Ann, whos familial meories are vast and abundant, has been an invaluable resource for many of the materials used in episodes of The Nutty Chronicles.

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