Dec. 2, 2020



If you have listened to the latest episode of The Nutty Chronicles you know that one of my father's passions was crafting violins from scratch. Self taught he doggedly pursued this passion until he bacame immensly skilled at it. It's a very intricate art form that requires intense concentration, attention to every detail and most importantly deadication. The determination to keep at it until everything is just so.

I think about that dedication often. That pursuit for perfection. Like every human on the planet my father was far from perfect. But he sought solace in channeling his energy to create something as close to perfect as he was able. That's an admirable trait. 

The more I learn about my family and their individual characteristics, pursuits, hobbies etc the more I learn about myself. The more I realize that we have a lot more in common then I initially realized. The dedication that my father exhibited is a trait I hope that I can incorporate more and more into my own wordly endeavors.

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