March 15, 2021

New Episode Dropping This Weekend!

New Episode Dropping This Weekend!

It not only pleases me to announce that this coming Sunday a new META Episode of The Nutty Chronicles will be released. But it also genuinely excites me! With each new episode comes fresh content. And inevitably within that content I learn so much about my own Irish heritage, I understand my Grandparents which, on both sides, immigrated to the United States more then I did before and I ALWAYS pick up numerous factual odds and ends.

Regular listeners and Subscribers to the show are familiar with just what a Meta Episode is. But recent stats tell me that we have new subscribers and listeners that might require a definition.

Every so often Martin diverts from the usual format and heavy content in favor of a more lighthearted and tongue in cheek style. Martin once described a Meta episode as such "For those that are not familiar with the word meta, its often used in the techie world to describe self referential activities. In this case, I’m making a podcast about the making and marketing of a podcast. It doesn’t get any more meta then that."

Previous episodes have discussed a little about "how the sausage is made" and touched on the "other" individuals who assist and contribute to the making of each episode. Individuals such as his incredibly talented niece, Rosa Nutty, who contributes all the music one hears on the episodes. 

The latest Meta Episode will be dropping this Sunday. The BEST way to ensure that you have the ability to listen the moment it becomes available is to SUBSCRIBE to the show. And doing that couldn't be easier. Simply click on the banner that coincides with your podcast service and that's it! You'll be all set! :)