Sept. 29, 2020

New Episode Drops October 11th!

New Episode Drops October 11th!

The Nutty Chronicles is excitied to anounce that a new episode will be dropping this October11th! 

Thats right! Fresh content, new music, Irish history and lots more that you've come to expect and enjoy will be availible and waiting for you this on your podcast medium of choice. What's that you say? You're not subscribed? Well no worries. We have you covered! Subscribing has never been easier.

Simply navigate to the "Menu" option and from there it's, literally, just a few simple clicks and you'll be all set! It could'nt be easier if we tried. :) So please ensure that you're all set up now in order to recieve the new episode the moment it becomes availible. In the meantime why not take some time and listen to one of the previous episodes?

Thanks so much!