Jan. 15, 2021

New Wife New Job For Dad

New Wife New Job For Dad

The Agricultural Institute at Kinsealy

The year my parents were to become engaged was 1959. During that year, and the ones prior and after, securing employment for oneself was not an easy task to accomplish. Let alone one good enough to support a family.  Hence close to 15% of the population emigrating outwards in hopes of better prospects.

My parents in this instance were no different. And for a brief moment had seriously considered moving to New Zealand. But this never came to pass for in a stroke of hard to come by good fortune my father was to secure a good position as the Station Manager at The Agricultural Institue at Kinsealy. 

The EXACT details of what this new postion entailed are not clear to me nor to other members of my family.. My sister sugests that in the early years the institute maintained livestock and that father was most likely responsible for the coordination of the facilities numerous workmen. His responsiblities would evolve quickly over the years and he became heavily involved in tomato research at The Institue. Which would become one of its earleist successful endeavors. Dad was intrumental in this success for the Institute.

More success that Dad was instrumentally involved in were yet to happen. But they were on the horizon. And like most things that involved my father it was something he was told COULDN"T be done. Making him just all that more determined to prove that it could be.

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