Jan. 22, 2021

Now Added To The Website...

Now Added To The Website...

It pleases me to inform you that the official website for The Nutty Chronicles now includes the COMPLETE written text for every episode. As well as numerous photographs, icorporated within the text, that helps to flesh out each episode and add visual context to the subject being discussed.

A good portion of the photographs are part of a personal family collection saved and handed down through the generations. They include portraits and candid shots of family members as well as original letters, documents, awards, newspaper clippings and so on. 

I know that personally there are times that I enjoy reading along with what I am listening to. And when there is media that brings the topic ALIVE it really adds to the experience!

To see this text simply navigate to the Menu and select "Episodes". Each and every episode now has the text, an embedded media player when clicked that will play that specific episode and the aforementioned photographs.

As the podcast moves forward so do the surrounding support mechanisms. With the hope and intention of improving the entire product with each step ahead.

I wish you all and those you care for a safe, happy and most importantly HEALTHY weekend!  :)