Dec. 11, 2020

The Here And Now

The Here And Now

So many of us have difficulty "living in the moment". That's one of those platitudes I spoke of the other day. Like so many things it's much easier said then done. All to often we look forward to some happening in the future, We fixate on it to the point where it almost takes on a life of its own. And just as often no matter what the occasion is it could NEVER live up to the expectations we've built it up to be. And when it finally comes? When that happening we've been planning for, dreaming about, can''t WAIT for is in the here and now. Actually taking place all around us we so often find ourselves somewhere else in our heads! More often then not we're thinking about what's NEXT. 

So that happening we put so much time, effort, thought and energy into takes place right in front of our eyes without us being fully present! And before we know it, it's done done on to the next one. We walk away missing an excellent opportunity to let everything else that's going on in our lives take a back seat in our minds for just a little while so we can TRULY relax and enjoy to the fullest what it is we worked so hard for.

This also manifests itself on a smaller level in our everyday lives. We walk around with so much around us to take in but miss it COMPLETELY because we're not living in the moment. Our minds are going a mile a minute thinking, planning, worrying etc about so much that we miss the life that's taking place all around us in all it's beauty. During this Holiday Season may I suggest that we all try to slow our minds just a little so we don't miss out on the joy of the season that's right here. Right Now! :)

Please have a safe, happy and healthy weekend!