March 1, 2021



Over the weekend The Nutty Chronicles was informed by the service it uses to host and distribute the show that we have reached the incredible milestone of 3000 unique Downloads! I can tell you that for a niche market that this show relies on it's a HUGE achievement!!! And, frankly, it's ALL thanks to you! The faithful subscribers to the show!

Podcasts live and die by the number game. But those numbers are not anywhere as easy and straightforward I've had this conversation with Martin on numerous occasions. They're quick to provide you with a plethora of data and stats and so forth. But understanding just exactly what all that stuff means is not so easy.

But that's for another day! We here at The Nutty Chronicles just want to take a moment and give thanks where thanks is due for being able to reach this milestone! 

So THANK YOU for being a subscriber. Thank you for being a faithful listener. And thank you for continuing to make this show a success! :)