Feb. 3, 2021

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Like most everything in life there's upsides and downsides to each and every Season. Winter can be excrutiatingly cold and dim. But it can just as much be full of life and beauty.

Today, along with my beautiful and lovely wife, we took a walk in close by Central Park. Where here in the city the beauty of each Season is always on display. The big Nor'Easter that dumped upwards to a foot of snow on the City ended yesterday. Walkways are well on the way to being cleared and people have begun to poke their noses outside in order to see what's become of our town.

There's really something beautiful and peaceful about a pure blanket of white draped across the usual grit of the City. It's a look, while not rare, doesn't last for long once it's arrived. One of the things the snow in such amounts does is it brings out, in varying levels, the child that exists somewhere inside of all of us.

Someone had erected a GIANT snowman. An 18ft work of art if I had to guess. The sheer magnitude of it coupled with its intrinsic wintertime fun implications was cause for most all who passed to pause a moment to take it in. As I looked around at the other individuals in the park it was apparant that they too seemed happy that they made the decision to come outside, however briefly, in order to connect.

Being couped up for almost a year now has taken a toll on many of our fellow man. It's just not natural for human beings to isolate themselves from one another for such long periods of time. That's why I believe if you have a chance, however small or short, to go out and SAFELY be amongst others you should take it. Humans are a social anmial by nature. And small acts such as this can do wonders for ones psyche and state of mind.

I truly hope that you are all faring as well as possible under the circumstances. And that in some fashion you are able to find small joys around you! :)