Feb. 10, 2021

Born This Way

Born This Way

Having a laugh with Martin not long ago he asked how I would introduce myself on the blog I remarked "I think I'll begin with 'I was born the son of a share cropper...' and go from there. The truth is I was born here in NYC and am the grandchild of Irish immigrants on BOTH sides of my family. Both sets of grandparents making the journey so many of their compatriots had during the early part of the 20th Century. 

My Grams on my mother's side of the family lived in our home as far back as I can remember.

Pictured on the right here at my parents wedding even in her Golden Years she was, at least to me, a beautiful woman. This picture is somewhat deceiving for my Grams was a small woman in stature. Not so in personality. On that front she was larger then life. With this pedigree it shouldn't be a suprise that I was raised in a very strict Irish-Catholic home. Educated in the NYC Catholic School system and checking all the correct cultural boxes of many in my situation. Baptism, First Communion etc. Grams made SURE that all of this was implemented.

I'll be speaking about her and my upbringing in future posts I'm sure. I raise the topic today because it's this very common environment I was that I was brought up in that really draws me to The Nutty Chronicles. I hear a lot of my Grams in Martin's storytelling and learn so much about an Irish history that was widely discussed in my home. But at the time had little interest in. That's one of the unique features of the show that I enjoy so much. The combining of familial experiences with Irish history.

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