Dec. 18, 2020



Here in New York City where I live a considerable amount of snow fell yesterday. It's not a particular rare occurance. But it is a noteable event when it does happen. Up to this point it's been a somewhat mild winter here. But along with the snow came much colder temperatures.

I had the opportunity to go outside and experience nature's beauty. I was not alone in wanting to get out. After months of being cooped up and the City feeling so empty it was really nice to see a sizeable amount of others out with their pets and/or family members. 

With the changing of the season ultimately comes other changes. Some much bigger then others. But many changes for sure. Sometimes change makes us feel uncomfortable. Not always. But enough. Whether it's the unknown or being content to have things as they are we sometimes balk at the thought of change. But someone once told me that change is inevitable. But are discomfort towards it is a choice. Wise words.

With the coming of the new year I plan to embrace change and what comes with it. For ultimately it will bring new eperiences, new ideas, new outlooks and new friends. How  will YOU handle the changes that lie just ahead?