Dec. 23, 2020

Coming This January 3rd!

Coming This January 3rd!

It pleases me to inform you that the brand new episode of The Nutty Chronicles is being released January 3rd! For those who are already subscribed it will be delivered to your podcast player without having to do a thing but click "Play" and listen! :)

The episode is chock full of all sorts of interesting tidbits. One of which, without giving too much away, will be a premier of an Irish classic song sung acapella by one of Dublin's rising musical talents. Along with all the familiar topics and subjects you've come to love and expect!

If you're not already subscribed I'd like to suggest you take but a moment to do so to ensure that you recieve the new episode the moment it becomes availible. Simply click the podcast service you use on the right and you'll be all set! It's really that simple.

For those of you who celebrate I'd like to take this opportinity to wish you and all of those in your life that you care for and love a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! From my family to yours Happy Holidays! :)