Feb. 17, 2021

Episode 7: Live Now!

Episode 7: Live Now!

The newest episode of The Nutty Chronicles "A Bed Of Thorny Roses" is up now and available for your listening pleasure!

If you are a subscriber to the show it is waiting for you inside your podcast player. If you're not a subscriber to the show becoming one couldn't be any simpler. Just click on the banner that coincides with the podcast service that you use and with one click you're done! Easy Peasy as my Mom used to say.  :)  Moving forward you'll be set to have all of the latest episodes delivered to you the moment they go live. Plus you'll have the ability to listen to the entire back catalog.

This episode deals with Martin's parents in the early years of their marriage as well as Martin's Dad's employment at The Agricultural Institute at Kinsealy. And his foray into the rose business. The ups and downs. The discovery's. The satisfactions and frustrations.

I hope that you'll join us if you're not a member and that everyone enjoys the latest episode!