June 29, 2021

Episode 8: Live Now!

Episode 8: Live Now!

In the BRAND NEW EPISODE of The Nutty Chronicles Martin takes a deeper look into his fathers career and lifelong hobby/study of horticulture. More specifically Fred Nutty's direct involvement with the saving of the "Trinity Birch".

Tune in and listen while Martin goes into detail of how Trinity College's Botanical Garden was being, literally, uprooted from it's home to a new location a mile and a half southeast. As plants are living organisms taking them out of their biosphere and relocating them can be a very tricky job. And not always with winning results.

As you will learn in the episode Fred Nutty helped play an crucial role in helping save not just the Trinity Birch but the entire undertaking.

Episode 8 includes all the signature elements that have made the show so popular. Personal family stories intertwined with Irish History and some of its giant figures!

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