Nov. 30, 2020



We all have one. For better or worse. In all diifferent and varying shapes, sizes and make-up. And during this time of year a lot of folks find themselves dealing with the dynamics that surround evry family.

The Nutty Chronicles, first and foremost, is a deep dive into my Irish family's history. And becuase of who and what they chose to involve themselves with that history, at times, coincides with a lot of Ireland's struggle for independence during the early parts of the 20th century. But with that said its the more PERSONAL stories and anecdotes that I find myself pondering over. I'm sure a lot of you find yourselves doing the same.

As I've mentioned recently with each new episode this podcast continues to grow. I think that, primarily, the cause for that is the universal human longing to understand where one comes from. Who are we? Just how much does our ancestors near and far influence that answer? I'm learning as I go forward that the answer isn't as cut and dry as one may think.

The upcoming episode that I'm currently hard at work on will deal with my parents in the early years of their marital union. Two individuals who had a big influence in shaping just exactly who I am as an adult. For better or worse.

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