Jan. 29, 2021

Latest Episode Is Here!

Latest Episode Is Here!

The latest episode of The Nutty Chronicles, "A Bed Of Thorny Roses", is now availible and ready for your listening enjoyment.

The episode explores the early years of my parents marriage, my father's exploits in horticulture, a song debut by Dublin recording artist Rosa Nutty and all the rest you've come to enjoy from the show. If you are already a subscriber the episode is waiting for you in your podcast player.

If you are not a subscriber I would like to encourage you to become one as it's the simplest way to obtain new episodes when they become available as well as granting you the ability to listen to the entire back catalog! I know that here in NYC where I am located we are expecting a sizeable winter storm. A good reason to stay inside where it's warm and I submit give the show a good listen! 

Regardless of your choices, as always, I wish you and all that you hold dear a safe, happy and HEALTHY weekend! :)