Feb. 1, 2021

The Comforts Of Home

The Comforts Of Home

Here in NYC we're in the process of getting HAMMERED with the first, and quite sizeable, winter storm of the season. The temps are in the low 20's and bone chillingly cold. If I had to venture a guess I would say that at the time of this writing close to 10" of snow have fallen so far. If not more. And it's not due to stop until midday tomorrow.

As I look out the window from the warmth, protection and comforts of my home my mind travels back to some of my earliest memories. In the early days of my parents marriage my father was performing quite well at his job as the Station Manager of The Agricultural Institute at Kinsealy in Ireland. So much so that he was promoted. But this promotion necessitated a move for my family. Long story short my parents bought a small holding that had a 3 room cottage, some outbuildings and a little under 5 acres.

This cottage did not come "move in ready". On the contrary there was no running water, little in the way of heat and in order to do ones "buisness" you needed to utilize The Outhouse. A sort of crash course in 19th century living. While I wonder to this day how my dear mother was able to deal with it at all as a small child I ran with it. 

Work on a modern home began in the Spring when we moved into the cottage and FORTUNATELY for the Nutty Family was wrapped up before the cold and harshness of winter set in. The new home felt luxorious with running water, a bathroom and central heat!

Looking out at the harshness of todays weather is a big reminder of just how BLESSED my wife and I are to reside in a home where heat, running water and a bathroom are afterthoughts rather than matters of concern. I'm ACUTELY aware that there are many in society who aren't graced with these comforts. Indeed in the surrounding blocks of my residence there are plenty who tonight find themselves having to face these elements. I pray they are able to find a place to keep warm and make it to morning.