Sept. 15, 2020

The Next Episode

The Next Episode
My Dad Fred Nutty with his younger cousin John Behan. Likely early 50s in Dublin

Just a quick update on the next episode. I had planned to do a memoir episode which featured my Dad, Fred Nutty (1925 - 2012) and a time when I was closest to him. However as I wrote, I felt I needed to change course and focus on my Dad's early adulthood which is somewhat mysterious and occurs in the mid 1940s - 1950s. I must plead ignorance of this period despite its proximity to my birth, so I'm treating this effort like prior history based pieces which are more research intense

This change in course has delayed the release of the next episode as it requires more research on my part. I expect to complete the new episode by the end of the month. I'd hoped to have a new memoir piece out by now, but the best laid plans....

Thanks for all your patience and support