June 30, 2021



The BRAND NEW EPISODE of The Nutty Chronicles is now live and ready for your listening enjoyment at your leisure! 

Episode 8 chronicles the period in which Host Martin Nutty's father, Fred Nutty, was instrumental in helping to save the "Trinity Birch" tree. The college with the same name, Trinity College, was relocating its Botanical Gardens just south of the main campus.

And as one may imagine...relocating a HUGE botanical garden can, not only be a delicate situation as it most definitely was, but can be an undertaking fraught with quite a few losses.

Fred Nutty was, as Martin explains, called in to help undertake a most delicate situation. The moving of the Trinity Birch. As we've learned through previous episodes the elder Mr. Nutty was not one to take such challenges lightly. Indeed he tackled them as one would anything in life that requires focus, dedication and nothing less then one hundred percent. Mr. Nutty was a lifelong horticulturist that had many achievements in his life.

But as Martin says in the episode:

For me though, there will always be the Trinity Birch, one of which stands outside Dad’s workshop. The tree with the gleaming white bark does not bear his name, but my family and I know how instrumental he was in it’s preservation. Somehow it connects and reminds of all those things that were special to him, the beauty of the unusual, the importance of things natural and a connection to a time past when curiosity was valued in gaining a deeper knowledge of the fragile world that we live in. 

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