July 1, 2021

TNC: Episode 8 Now Available!

TNC: Episode 8 Now Available!

In case you missed it the all new episode of The Nutty Chronicles is now available for your listening pleasure! 

In Episode 8 Martin takes a Deep Dive into his father, Fred Nutty, and his direct involvement with helping save the Trinity Birch Tree after being called upon by Trinity College. 

The college was moving its Botanical Garden south of its main campus. As with ANY relocation of living plants it was a delicate process that required some "out of the box" thinking. That's where the elder Nutty comes in.

Episode 8 carries on with all the hallmarks that have made the podcast so popular. Familial tales intertwined with early to mid 20th century Irish History as they so often intersect. From larger then life family members to iconic historical individuals Martin's unique storytelling style continues to entertain listeners old and new.

If you're a subscriber the episode is already waiting for you! If you're not a subscriber but would like to join it couldn't be any easier! Simply click on the banner that coincides with your podcast streaming service. That's it! Once you do that you'll be good to go!

Won't you join us today?  :)