July 6, 2021

Trinity College & Fred Nutty

Trinity College & Fred Nutty

In the previous episode of The Nutty Chronicles host Martin Nutty began to touch on how his father, Fred Nutty, and his passion for plants and the propagation of had a deep impact on the immediate family as a whole.

Following up in the newest episode, that is now available, he expands on this topic and discuses how this passion helped one of Ireland's more famous learning institutions save one of it's most notable trees. How Trinity College reached out to Mr. Nutty and called upon him and his talents to assist in saving the Trinity Birch tree as they were in the process of relocating their Botanical Garden just south of the main college campus.

The episode includes all of the hallmarks that have made the podcast popular and endearing to its ever growing listener base. That is the intertwining of familial stories with Ireland's rich history and a lot of its more colorful characters.

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