Jan. 25, 2021

What Exactly Does Rating And Leaving A Review Do?

What Exactly Does Rating And Leaving A Review Do?

A question I'm often asked is "Is there something I can do to help the podcast?" The answer to that is one simple word: Yes! And the best part? It's simple. It's fast. Most importantly...It's FREE!

The BIGGEST way you could possibly help The Nutty Chronicles continue to grow is to take a moment to rate and give a simple review to the podcast. I could get all technical and into the weeds explaining just how this helps. But I have a sneaking suspicion I'd lose most of you if I did that.

The simple explanation is, by leaving a positive review and a few sentences as a review it helps drive the podcast up Apple's (or any podcast provider) chart and allows for the podcast to have more "visability". Allowing it to show up more frequently in keyword searches and such.

So if YOU would like to help out the podcast simply navigate to it on Apple's page, click the stars you believe appropriate and drop a sentence or two as to why you like the show. That's it! 

Thank you in advance to those who take a moment out of their busy lives to help give the show a bump! :)